Jewelry Care

Twenty4’s pieces of jewelry are all handcrafted and most of the parts are put together by hand to create a piece of special and only jewelry for you.

Our metal pieces are not 100% gold but are gold-plated. Because the jewelry is not manufactured entirely out of real gold, extra precautions should be taken to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. With time, anything that is plated will tarnish. However, with care, it can last a long time.

Keep jewelry dry

Avoid lotions, perfumes, or hairspray. When going swimming or to the sauna, avoid wearing them as well. Oil, nail polish remover, perfume, and sweat are just a few examples of substances that will cause tarnishing to your jewelry.

Avoid leaving it under sunlight

The charms on our jewelry are made out of pressed flowers sealed with resins. Though resins once cured, resins are resistant to cracking or wearing. However, exposed to too much sunlight indirectly or directly, there may be apparent and lasting damage such as ambering (a yellow discoloration) or loss of shine.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

Use a cotton ball or a non-abrasive cloth after each usage to eliminate any dust and debris. Gently massage the surface of your gold-plated jewelry to restore luster. Avoid using jewelry cleaners or antibacterial soaps since they may contain ingredients that cause your gold-plated jewelry to deteriorate faster.

Storing Your Jewelry

Store your jewelry in a pouch after use to reduce scratches, separated from other pieces of jewelry. twenty4 drawstring pouch comes as a gift for each piece of jewelry purchased.